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      "Oh, Isola; how could you stop out so late, and on such a stormy evening?" remonstrated Allegra.

      They stood at an angle of the hill-path looking up the river, and saw the yacht take in her canvas as she came into the haven under the hill; that sheltered harbour, with its[Pg 144] two rivers cleaving the hills asunder, one winding away to the right towards Lerrin, the other to the left towards Trelasco and Lostwithiel. It looked so perfect a place of shelter, so utterly safe from tempest or foul weather; and yet there were seasons when a fierce wind from the great Atlantic came sweeping up the deep valleys, and all the angry spirits of the ocean seemed at war in that narrow gorge. To-night the atmosphere was unusually calm, and Isola could hear the sailors singing at their work.

      Oh! he? said Lord Selvaine. That is a nephew of mine. A very good fellow indeed.The tea-table was set ready in front of the fire, the large Moorish tray on bamboo legs. But there was no sign of Isola; so Miss Leland poured out a cup of tea and began to drink it, still unconscious of a pair of dark eyes watching her from the shadow of the big armchair.

      "How can you tell that? You think of them to-night as strangersand they seem intolerable. You would like them after a week, and be warmly attached to them at the end of a month. Why, you have known us for less than three months, and we fancy ourselves quite old friends."

      "Should I ask any of my partners to be my wife, do you think?"As if Id broken my wrist, said Esmeralda. All right.





      You wouldnt find it. Go back into the dining-roombut dont have any more champagne, said Trafford, and he laughed.